Explanation of content removal

When sitewide rule breaking content occurs, the offending content will be removed from our pages. Replies to that content may also be removed to cut down on the clutter without notification to those users. If you notice that an offensive comment was removed, it's safe to assume your reply was removed as well. Users that catch a ban for violating sitewide rules will have their comment history wiped from our sub as far back as we're bored enough to dig for.

Explanation of Types of bans, their lengths and their appealability

  • Community Ban Awards

    You may receive a ban award from another user. It will be publicly listed here. The 24h and 72h bans are reversible only thru purchasing their respective counterparts in the awards section (the two awards with the strikethrough in them). All other length bans cannot be appealed.

  • Don't be a Bot Bans

    Users that delete their posts will receive a XX day temporary ban. The length is determined by the % of upvotes received, not to exceed 90 days. This is to dissuade karma farmers. You may appeal this ban in your ban notification thread.

  • Don't be a Karma Farmer Bans

    These bans are awarded based on moderator discretion. These lean into users that tend to crosspost to subreddits they control or have a large tendency to advocate via participation. These bans are not able to be appealed.

  • Same Day Repost Bans

    Outside a 15 min grace period, users that post the same content on the same day will receive a temporary ban. 10 days if posted within an hour after the grace period. Each subsequent hour adds 10 days with a cap at 90 days. The exception this rule is if your title matches EXACTLY as the original. This will result in a permanent ban These bans cannot be appealed.

  • Sitewide Violations Bans

    These are handed out to users that break the sitewide Content Policy. These will contain the phrase Violation of reddit sitewide rules _____ as part of their ban message. These bans are not appealable. If you feel the need, you can file a report against the subreddit using this form. If you received a notification from the Anti-Evil Operations team or the Admins, your report may not work out.

  • Moderators Have Final Say Bans

    These bans cover anything not already mentioned and fall within moderator's discretion. Some of these bans may contain the phrase You have been banned due to contributing to _______ as part of their message. These bans are appealable if the user has a history of posting in good faith as determined by us. You must follow the appeal process as linked to below. Failing that, and if you feel the need, you can file a report against the subreddit using this form.

Anything not covered in the above can be appealed. If you want to appeal your ban, please see here for further information.

If you feel your ban is unwarranted, we invite you to visit r/ModerationMediation. Please be sure to read their rules first before submitting.