r/JusticeServed Nov 17 '22

Mods Reserve 1964 New Mexico County Commissioner removed from office for his actions on January 6 loses appeal and now banned from holding office for life

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r/JusticeServed Oct 08 '22

Mods Reserve 1964 FBI arrests pastor who wore his company jacket on Jan. 6 and pushed into police line

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r/JusticeServed 4d ago

Mods Reserve 1964 ✨✨JusticeServed's 2 Million Subscriber Extravaganza ✨✨


10 years ago, our founder /u/obdp had a vision to provide Reddit a dedicated repository for all things soda-pop related and created Just Ice, Served.

It was a terrible idea

Since then, things have only gotten worse. Not only for the carbonated beverage aficionados, but also for the website as a whole.

Long story short, some of you and your peers are insufferable and make everything around you worse. But that can be chalked up to being young and stupid. There's a small chance you'll fumblefuck your way to realizing this and correct your actions. However, there's no reason to allow you to have that epiphany while still being a participant of this subreddit.

To celebrate our 2 million subscribers, we're ramping up our automated ban bot.

For those not in the know, a couple years ago we started running a bot specifically targeted at the now defunct NoNewNormal to stave off their heavy brigading. It worked like a charm. After the admins closed them down, we sent the bot to live on a farm where it could run free.

With the overturning of Roe v Wade, we saw a couple of subreddits pinning mod endorsed celebration threads. Why anyone would want to celebrate people losing rights is beyond me. So we got the bot back up and running again to target these two subreddits that had the pinned celebration threads. It's worked like a charm. Some of you have already been unbanned. Most of you didn't qualify. Our loss, I guess.


We can do more gooder.

An additional 175 subreddits that are dedicated to promoting hate, violence and disinformation will be added to the bot. A specialized appeal process has been put in place for those of you that wish to be unbanned. Many of you will not. We'll be better for it.

Giving back to the community is the greatest gift. With the proceeds you have given us when purchasing our temporary ban awards, we will be holding a giveaway in the coming weeks for a 12 months / 6 months / 3 months Reddit premium award. Just gotta wait a bit for the bot to do its thing. Stay tuned, or don't. Whatever.

Thank you for using JusticeServed

r/JusticeServed Oct 14 '22

Mods Reserve 1964 Video: Florida woman charged after road rage incident on state Route 133 in Farmington

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r/JusticeServed Aug 01 '22 I'll Drink to That Are You Winning? Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome hehehehe LOVE!

Mods Reserve 1964 Congratulations to the russian federation for losing their 5000th vehicle in Ukraine today!

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r/JusticeServed Dec 24 '22

Mods Reserve 1964 New York man and human thumb lookin' MFer, Jared Marc Brown, charged with threatening president's life.

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r/JusticeServed 22d ago

Mods Reserve 1964 Suspects set themselves ablaze while attempting to set a building fire, officials say

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r/JusticeServed Aug 16 '22

Mods Reserve 1964 YouTuber's Channel Banned After Viral Tantrum Over $2 Empanada Enrages Spain

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r/JusticeServed Jul 27 '22

Mods Reserve 1964 Woman fires shots during road rage incident in Harris County, charged with aggravated assault.

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r/JusticeServed Aug 02 '22

Mods Reserve 1964 Yet another unhinged boomer gets jail time after yelling 'Blue Lives Matter,' threatening family in Burlingame

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r/JusticeServed Jan 16 '22

Mods Reserve 1964 Watching OAN’s Lies Will Be Difficult Now That It’s Been Dumped by DirecTV | The satellite TV provider notified One America News Network that it would not be renewing its distribution agreement.

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Mods Reserve 1964 Houston hospital suspends 178 employees who refused Covid-19 vaccination

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r/JusticeServed Jan 28 '21 Helpful Wholesome Hugz Ally 'MURICA Kiss Gold Take My Energy Stonks Rising Yummy Silver All-Seeing Upvote Burning Cash Lawyer Up

Mods Reserve 1964 🚀 Hedge Fund losses top 70B, Robinhood is shit, Buy the dip NEVER SELL, 👨‍🚀GME👨‍🚀 🚀

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Mods Reserve 1964 Office of anti-abortion organization in Wisconsin targeted in arson attack, police say

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r/JusticeServed Jul 20 '21

Mods Reserve 1964 Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene for Posting Coronavirus Misinformation

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r/JusticeServed Jan 12 '21 Take My Energy Narwhal Salute Giggle All-Seeing Upvote Hugz Heartwarming 'MURICA Helpful Wholesome Starry Silver Bravo! Starstruck Gold

Mods Reserve 1964 “As you know, madness is like gravity...all it takes is a little push.” ― The Joker

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r/JusticeServed Apr 22 '21 Hugz

Mods Reserve 1964 Road raging Camry fake swerves into Hyundai but over-corrects, crashing into barrier

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r/JusticeServed Mar 28 '20 Take My Energy

Mods Reserve 1964 Her racist comment got her fired

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r/JusticeServed Mar 02 '22

Mods Reserve 1964 Family of Capitol rioter said he died of a 'broken heart' and blamed the justice system for killing his 'zest for life'. Apparently he committed suicide.

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r/JusticeServed Feb 22 '22 Silver

Mods Reserve 1964 'Livid:' Small town shook up after woman charged with 18 counts of child rape in McMinn Co

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r/JusticeServed May 19 '22

Mods Reserve 1964 Former JSO dispatcher pleaded guilty to producing images of child sexual abuse

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r/JusticeServed Jan 04 '21 Rocket Like Plus One Silver Helpful Wholesome Hugz

Mods Reserve 1964 Joel motherfuckin' Singer - Happy New Year you absolute jagoff

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r/JusticeServed Aug 30 '21 Wholesome Take My Energy Are You Serious? Hugz All-Seeing Upvote Faith In Humanity Restored Doom Silver Gold Platinum Helpful

Mods Reserve 1964 closed until...


Reddit is a place for open and authentic discussion and debate.

That sentiment would work 10 years ago. Before the coins. Before ad banners. Before you touted yourselves as front page of the internet

But now you are. In doing so you've given yourselves a new responsibility whether you wanted it or not. You now have a responsibility to the internet.


Not just your users, but the lurkers too. The ones that never even make an account. The people that managed to use google. They aren't looking for authentic discussion. They're looking for reaffirming information that shows that they are right. They're looking for a chorus of like minded individuals.

There's something you need to catch up on right quick: authentic discussion and debate causes people to die from misinformation. You're allowing them to find it on our website

Not just allowing...you're fighting for the opportunity to be a destination of misinformation. Now that you have this new responsibility, you have to help us, not to fuck us up. You can't fight to be the site that lets that happen.


I know. So let's show, not tell.

Because you turn off the ability to show the message of why a sub is currently private to your mobile users, we're doing this instead, substituting our content for bodies.

We're closed to user supplied content in solidarity until justice is served.

Would you like to know more?

r/JusticeServed Mar 05 '21 Silver Helpful Wholesome Hugz

Mods Reserve 1964 Caught him slipping

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r/JusticeServed Jul 24 '20

Mods Reserve 1964 Get rekt Trump

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