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Criminal Justice Two Florida brothers sentenced to federal prison for racially motivated attack on Black man in Citrus Springs, Fl.

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Legal Justice Colorado baker loses appeal over transgender birthday cake

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Courtroom Justice “I can assure you,” he said to the judge, “what transpired that day was not in my nature … will never happen again.” Judge sentences Julian Khater to 80 months in prison. At Capitol on Jan. 6, he sprayed Officer Brian Sicknick with pepper spray. Sicknick “died of natural causes” the next day

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Violent Justice Good on her!

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Vehicle Justice Driving recklessly and attempting to cut off driver in bad road conditions

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Courtroom Justice Jury awards $1M to Oregon woman, 63, who was told by gas station attendant ‘I don’t serve Black people’ and laughed in her face after she tried to get gas at Jacksons Food Store in Beaverton. Attendants are required to pump fuel for motorists at gas stations in Oregon’s larger population centers

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Courtroom Justice 23 year old serial rapist sentenced to 16 consective life terms

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Criminal Justice “Rogue police officers” — 2 police officers with Hialeah Police Department, Florida, fired and jailed after allegedly kidnapping homeless man and driving him to remote location, where they beat and threw him to the ground while handcuffed. Both officers charged with armed kidnapping and battery

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Courtroom Justice NYC bike path killer convicted, could face the death penalty

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A C A B “He was a human piñata” — Tyre Nichols died 3 days after savage beating by 5 Memphis police officers on Jan. 7, 2023. They were fired last week and charged today under state law with 2nd degree murder and more. In Tennessee, 2nd degree murder is punishable by between 15 to 60 years in prison

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Criminal Justice Shoplifters returning stolen goods in desperate bid to escape pharmacy's viral wall of shame

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An Alum Rock pharmacy in Birmingham, UK has come up with a unique method of battling shoplifting by shaming suspected crooks on their very own 'wall of shame'. The windows of Pak Pharmacy, on Alum Rock Road in Saltley, are splashed with CCTV images of the alleged thieves caught in the act.

The 'wall of shame' pictures the alleged perpetrators alongside a humorous description of their purported crimes. Entries include the 'The Lynx Thief', 'Nivea Man' and 'The Travel Thief' - who is accused of stuffing nine bottles of Deep Heat into a travel bag

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Criminal Justice Illinois man, 32, arrested and charged with fire bombing of Peoria Planned Parenthood clinic, causing extensive damage. If convicted on malicious use of fire charge, Tyler W. Massengill, of Chillicothe, faces mandatory minimum of 5 years in federal prison and could receive up to 40 years

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Courtroom Justice No. 1 Alpha Male™ that claimed depression was weakness complains over a few minor inconveniences.

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Vehicle Justice Aggressive, horn-honking tailgater passes us on the right once the road opens up to two lanes but the driver was too close to our back bumper apparently to notice the right lane hadn't been plowed yet.

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Courtroom Justice Woman, of Kane, Pennsylvania, who was recorded on video saying “Bring the fucking bitch out here now” while standing near House Speaker's office inside Capitol on Jan. 6, found guilty on multiple charges. At May 1 sentencing, woman faces statutory maximum 20 years in prison on the felony charge

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Legal Justice Montreal man found guilty of wilfully promoting hatred against Jews

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Animal Justice They did not respect elephant’s personal space

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Mods Reserve 1964 ✨✨JusticeServed's 2 Million Subscriber Extravaganza ✨✨


10 years ago, our founder /u/obdp had a vision to provide Reddit a dedicated repository for all things soda-pop related and created Just Ice, Served.

It was a terrible idea

Since then, things have only gotten worse. Not only for the carbonated beverage aficionados, but also for the website as a whole.

Long story short, some of you and your peers are insufferable and make everything around you worse. But that can be chalked up to being young and stupid. There's a small chance you'll fumblefuck your way to realizing this and correct your actions. However, there's no reason to allow you to have that epiphany while still being a participant of this subreddit.

To celebrate our 2 million subscribers, we're ramping up our automated ban bot.

For those not in the know, a couple years ago we started running a bot specifically targeted at the now defunct NoNewNormal to stave off their heavy brigading. It worked like a charm. After the admins closed them down, we sent the bot to live on a farm where it could run free.

With the overturning of Roe v Wade, we saw a couple of subreddits pinning mod endorsed celebration threads. Why anyone would want to celebrate people losing rights is beyond me. So we got the bot back up and running again to target these two subreddits that had the pinned celebration threads. It's worked like a charm. Some of you have already been unbanned. Most of you didn't qualify. Our loss, I guess.


We can do more gooder.

An additional 175 subreddits that are dedicated to promoting hate, violence and disinformation will be added to the bot. A specialized appeal process has been put in place for those of you that wish to be unbanned. Many of you will not. We'll be better for it.

Giving back to the community is the greatest gift. With the proceeds you have given us when purchasing our temporary ban awards, we will be holding a giveaway in the coming weeks for a 12 months / 6 months / 3 months Reddit premium award. Just gotta wait a bit for the bot to do its thing. Stay tuned, or don't. Whatever.

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Criminal Justice Florida Governor DeSantis Signs Death Warrant In 1990 Mall Parking Lot Stabbing Murder

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Courtroom Justice Four Oath Keepers convicted of Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy. Sentence carries up to 20 years in prison.

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Legal Justice Jan. 6 intruder who sat at Pelosi’s desk convicted on all charges

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Animal Justice Struggling pig kills butcher at slaughterhouse in Hong Kong

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Courtroom Justice Shouting “we took this thing” — Man sentenced to 78 months in prison for assaulting officers during breach of U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. James McGrew, of Biloxi, Mississippi and briefly Carlsbad, California, ordered to pay $5,000 fine and $2,000 restitution and serve 36 months supervised release

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Violent Justice Yesterday was Buzz Aldrin's 93rd birthday. Watch him punch a moon landing denier in the face (and read some of the backstory to the incident)

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