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Road rage leads you nowhere Vehicle Justice

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u/horrorbepis 5 Dec 26 '22

What a dumbass. Why was he jumping at them? Does he think he’s a cartoon character or some comic hero? Fucking idiot.


u/SBelwas 4 Dec 21 '22

Thats a wicked right hook jeesus


u/LateStartNewBegin 7 Dec 04 '22

Bob Ross appears out of nowhere to knock out the rager and casually leaves like it's another artwork completed


u/notathrowawayreelly 5 Nov 30 '22

Turned him to stone


u/bloodguard B Nov 29 '22

Blessed is the peacemaker. And he also has a mean right hook.


u/CochLarq 8 Nov 29 '22

That guy attacks people the same way ducks do xD


u/8004460 6 Nov 29 '22

slowly C O N S U M E S escargots


u/[deleted] Nov 26 '22



u/norbert-the-great 8 Nov 27 '22

I'm never on the side of initiating violence. Go back to your cave, neanderthal.


u/Demori2052 6 Nov 27 '22

If he was on a bike he would have gotten to attack that innocent bystander like 30% faster.


u/ForsakenWebNinja 8 Nov 27 '22

Yea but he wasn’t and no one got hit. He became in the wrong as soon as he made it physical


u/Alwin_ A Nov 26 '22

If he was on a motorcycle he'd be dead long before even ending up in this situation. People with his kind of aggression and energy do not last long on motorbikes.


u/jakegauvinn 3 Nov 26 '22

ah yes the old justified jumping out of your car and attacking the other person as well as an innocent concerned onlooker


u/YOUDIEMOFO 2 Nov 26 '22

Such the truth.


u/flyflyflyfly66 6 Nov 26 '22

3 flying headbutts. He must of thought that was his superpower


u/mpinnegar 9 Nov 26 '22

He is truly a butthead


u/dankestofdankcomment 7 Nov 26 '22

Well at least he can clean himself up now.


u/azcoigreach 2 Nov 26 '22

Nah. His buddy has to get out and clean it up...


u/Forn1catorr 6 Nov 26 '22

Wonder if he threw one last headbutt at the pavement on the way down?


u/vvelitc1 5 Nov 26 '22

10% of the time works every time


u/ProfilePro 2 Nov 26 '22

His signature move is the flying head butt i think


u/YoungDannyDeVito 2 Nov 26 '22

Dude said "I'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey!"


u/GridironCakes 5 Nov 26 '22

For sure! He might need to brush up on it again. Doesn't work like it used to.


u/DoomBro_Max 8 Nov 26 '22

It the special attack when you press Y.


u/nonobby 4 Nov 26 '22

This video needs village people’s -Macho Man as background music


u/killmimes 9 Nov 26 '22

He fucked around and found out


u/AndarianDequer 8 Nov 26 '22

Yeah, but the right side doesn't look distorted. I thought about this, and the tree underneath doesn't look that weird. That has to be it though.


u/KaleidoscopeOk4291 0 Nov 26 '22

Why he try to fight like a jumping spider


u/thatshowitisisit A Nov 26 '22

Started it. Couldn’t finish it.

He’s probably a dickhead to work with too. I wonder if his colleague regrets having to help him.


u/scheiber42069 7 Nov 26 '22

Probably not the first time his colleague deal with his crap can see how he waited them to finish than go clean up the mess


u/AndarianDequer 8 Nov 26 '22

Is no one going to mention that there's a building in the background bent at almost an impossible angle?... I'm not watching the fight but wondering about the cartoonish building back there. Weird.


u/free2yodel 1 Nov 26 '22

That's my guess, anyway. This video looks like it could be a crop, so we may only see the left side of the recording. Could explain why the warped building looks so out of place. I'm thinking that in the original recording, the objects on the right edge (that we can't see in this clip) would be warped towards the left.


u/free2yodel 1 Nov 26 '22

Or I'm totally wrong 😁


u/free2yodel 1 Nov 26 '22

It's the lens that's being used for the camera. It looks like a fish eye lens, which tends to make straight lines round. They're used to capture wider angles (to be able to "see" a bigger area) but has the side effect of warping the edges.


u/AhhAGoose 9 Nov 26 '22

Grizzly Adam’s got a right hand on him


u/tree_basher 7 Nov 26 '22

I count three headaches, one bad one..


u/username_offline 9 Nov 26 '22

that walk off is so casually bad ass. dude deserved it too


u/Rottenslam 7 Nov 26 '22

Like a GTA NPC. Awesome.


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u/-Alpha-616 5 Nov 26 '22

Not the passenger only being concerned once dudes shit got rocked. This isn't his first rage by the looks of it


u/hydrogen_wv A Nov 26 '22

"I swear to God if you don't get back in this van and quit wasting my time..."


u/Chapayuki 6 Nov 26 '22

Took him to the cleaners


u/reclusive_ent 9 Nov 26 '22

Especially if your fighting style is arms out wide and fling yourself face first at them. Major Wimp Lo vibes .


u/ArcanePork 1 Nov 26 '22

I'm bleeding, making me the victor!


u/jenego 5 Nov 26 '22

That was one wild ride


u/mega_low_smart 7 Nov 26 '22

I always imagine if I see an idiot like this one day I’ll have the good sense to take the keys out of his car while he’s dance fighting in the street and throw them in a storm drain.


u/justaREDshrit 5 Nov 26 '22



u/55tarabelle 8 Nov 26 '22

You're going to do that in your work vehicle? Very much an idiot.