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An attempt to rob a bus passenger ended with the guy getting arrested all thanks to the bus driver who closed the door on the robber's hand Vehicle Justice

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u/Sparrow1300 0 Dec 26 '22

That bat was unexpected, my man(driver) was born for this day 😂.


u/FatLegTed 7 Nov 26 '22

Is the bus driver's name Kramer?


u/Spuddy0108 7 Nov 25 '22

That scream at the end haahahahha


u/ForsakenWebNinja 8 Nov 25 '22

Lol it’s great. This video is so fucking old but every time it pops up here I can’t help but watch it.


u/Bundle_of_Organs 6 Nov 25 '22

That was a very quick resolution to a crime.


u/ponkyball 7 Nov 25 '22

Hahaha, from joking around laughing to full on crying. The beatdown while driving tho, chef's kiss.


u/OkUnderstanding5343 5 Nov 25 '22

Yep he needed that beating!!


u/Eddiebaby7 8 Nov 25 '22

He stopped laughing very quickly


u/Ok_Mission_3168 4 Nov 25 '22

Anyone know what country this happens in? The Spanish (if that's what it is) is incomprehensible to me.


u/Cloquelatte 6 Nov 25 '22

Chile, they have their own version of Spanish over there


u/wawawiwa1989 7 Nov 24 '22

I DIEEEE when the robber waves at the police when they arrive. Oh hi Mark boink


u/twiggyknowswhatsup 4 Nov 24 '22

love a broken hand punishment too. that club will leavea mark


u/quorthorn1 2 Nov 24 '22

In the UK the bus driver would've been charged with driving without due care and attention and grevious bodily harm probably.


u/rectoplasmus 7 Nov 24 '22

And rightly so.


u/Mine24DA 7 Nov 25 '22

Man I always find it wild on Reddit. Two drunk people (I mean he looks drunk....) trying to steal a purse , without any weapons or real bodily threats, and everyone seems to think it's a good reason to be run over....because obviously the moment you try to steal an object your life is worth less than a wallet and a phone.....


u/whytakemyusername 9 Nov 25 '22

There has to be consequences to actions or the whole world turns into a shit show.


u/wtfomg01 7 Nov 25 '22

Those consequences have some caveats.

1: as satisfying as it is, the general public is not the vehicle by which consequences are meted out.

2: if dishing out your consequences buts your passengers, other road users and yourself in more danger for the sake of consequences, it seems like you're passing the buck; after all, if this video had ended with the bus driver smashing into stationary cars, would you then be calling for the driver to have their consequences? No, you wouldn't. So you're a hypocrite.


u/Mine24DA 7 Nov 25 '22

But isn't it telling that in many first world countries we stopped with the physical consequences, and our world didn't turn into a shit show? We still have less fear from the police, less crime in general, a lower recidivism rate, compared to, say the US, where many people still believe that shooting someone because he stole your TV is the right thing to do.


u/whytakemyusername 9 Nov 25 '22

Crime is increasing due to a blind eye being turned. Look at the stores in California where people are just walking out with goods and nobody doing anything about it.


u/Mine24DA 7 Nov 25 '22

I am not saying turn a blind eye. For example him closing the door is sensible. Even threatening him with a bat is sensible. Starting to drive while the other guy is nearly run over is not sensible. And hitting that person without any reason, since he isn't posing a threat in that moment is also not sensible.

There is a difference between thening a blind eye, and going overboard. If someone shoves you and it ends with him on the ground you kicking his head, that isn't right.


u/soIstartBlasting 9 Nov 30 '22

He wasn’t posing a threat BECAUSE he was being hit with the bat.


u/Mine24DA 7 Nov 30 '22

His hand was stuck, broken in a door, what exactly do you think he is going to do?


u/Earth2plague 6 Dec 10 '22

Reach into his pocket and pull out a handgun probably, in Chile you don't take that chance.

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u/soIstartBlasting 9 Dec 01 '22

Yeah; you’re right. Poor guy.



u/LuxLocke 6 Nov 25 '22

People fuck around… people find out.


u/Go0berino 3 Nov 25 '22

no one should be leaving it up to the robber to decide how the altercation proceeds. If they believe my safety is worth less than my phone, yeah i don't give two shits about their wellbeing


u/wtfomg01 7 Nov 25 '22

If you think your phone is worth a possible fight and stabbing, either your phone is worth more than you can afford or your priorities are fucked.


u/Earth2plague 6 Dec 10 '22

If you let him go he just robs someone else, and maybe they end up murdered.


u/wtfomg01 7 25d ago

Then join the police, its not your civic duty. It's also a stretch to imagine every criminal will murder if let go.


u/yuiop28 3 Nov 24 '22

Mans bare skint to be taking old boys giro like that 😂🙈


u/FrodoMoji 9 Nov 24 '22

The criminal was acting all sketchy when he walked in. Pro action by driver. Loved how the cops handcuffed his hurt arm and hand with no pity. So awesome the cops were waiting when the bus stopped. They must have some kind of instant communication. Awesome.

buh bye, criminal scum.


u/LevinAcrus 3 Nov 24 '22

Es su tía María


u/NJSpro 4 Nov 24 '22

unexpected bat


u/phlysquire 4 Nov 24 '22

what a legend


u/Yodawgweheardyou 6 Nov 24 '22

Broken arm


u/diggmeordie 7 Nov 24 '22

Trying to swipe a woman's purse? That's a paddlin'.


u/CountFapula102 9 Nov 25 '22

Trying to get off the bus? That's a paddlin'.


u/YoungJack23 9 Nov 24 '22

This dude thought he was so slick, lmao! When he misses the first grab and does the little "Ahhh, almost had you!" Freaking dumbass.


u/TheDrunkPianist 6 Nov 24 '22

Anyone know what’s being said?

Also why does he pull at the bag and laugh at the start before trying again? Was he trying to play it off as a joke or something?


u/R74NM3R5 3 Nov 24 '22

someone transcribed it on the original post


u/TheDrunkPianist 6 Nov 24 '22

Thanks. For the lazy:

Concepción, Chile - October 9th 2014

Thief (T) fails to steal a woman's purse, laughs acting as if it was a prank (to his alleged aunt María). Then tries again, failing one more time. This time he tries to escape but the bus driver (BD) promptly closes the door, trapping T's hand and keeping him inside the bus.


• ⁠(cl): forcejea pero ábreme po hermano. Ya nimporta.

-(en): struggles bro open up. Ok nevermind.


-(cl): qué te pasó? le pega

-(en): what happened? hits him


-(cl): yo pensaba que era mi tía weon.

-(en): I thought she was my aunt, man


-(cl): ah sí? Tu tía? le pega continuamente

-(en): oh yeah? Your aunt? keeps hitting him


-(cl): si yo tengo plata. Tengo plata. Porfavooor llora

-(en): I have money man, I have money. Pleaaaase cries


-(cl): si? Ah? Yo soy más malo que voh weon. Yo soy más malo que voh weon pegandole

-(en): yeah? Huh? I am meaner than you. I am meaner than you hitting him


-(cl): llorando por favor. Yo pensaba que era mi tía del campo. Mi tía María.

-(en): crying please. I thought it was my aunt from the country side. My aunt María.


-(cl): si? Dónde está la tía María? Mira donde vamos

-(en): yeah? Where is aunt María? Look where we are going.


-(cl): no importa. Yo le entrego mi plata. Si si si.

-(en): it's OK. I will give you my money. Yes yes yes.

Bus driver stops at a police station and explains the situation to the police.


u/stupidsometimes 1 Nov 24 '22

Thank you!


u/rodriguezj625 5 Nov 24 '22

I would've got full james earl cash on him


u/Connorcrafts 2 Nov 24 '22

BAD JERRY BAD. Jesus Jerry I thought we were working on this


u/yourmotherisahoe123 3 Nov 24 '22

Why does a busdriver have a stick with him? Well it came in handy I suppose.


u/Everyday_Hero1 8 Nov 25 '22

For the exact reason he used it for. Bus drivers deal with a lot of shit, especially on late night trips in rougher areas.


u/MartoPolo 7 Nov 24 '22

nah pre sure that was a foot he was holding it with /s


u/onFilm 9 Nov 24 '22

Ah, to have the first taste of Latin America.


u/mathias11085 0 Nov 24 '22

For snot burglars


u/JuggernautObvious956 2 Nov 24 '22

Think that hand might be broken


u/ComCam_65 5 Nov 24 '22

You can hear him scream at the very end as they cuff him behind his back. Sweet justice haha.


u/T3nt4c135 8 Nov 24 '22

lol gotta love watching a little bitch cry.


u/Luminox 9 Nov 24 '22

Oh, Whacking Day, Oh, Whacking Day, Our hallowed thief skull cracking-Day.

We'll break their backs,
Gouge out their eyes,
Their evil hearts We'll pulverize.

Oh, Whacking Day, Oh, Whacking Day,
May God bestow His Grace on thee.


u/candyassle 7 Nov 25 '22

I heard it so clearly in my head. Now I want to hear it for realsies.


u/TriggeredRatBastard 8 Nov 24 '22

This man had the stick READY. This is not his first rodeo


u/skinp 4 Nov 24 '22

That bat looked used before he started hitting. Not the first time he's had to use it!


u/spaceyjaycey A Nov 24 '22

Sorry, my first time seeing it.


u/PrivHate_Void Nov 24 '22

Thanks, its officially the 3590 times I have see this video on reddit now


u/allgoodcookies 6 Nov 24 '22

Maybe spend less time on Reddit?


u/JohnnyRelentless 9 Nov 24 '22

And do you take the time to bitch about it each time, Karen, or do you sometimes just scroll past like a normal person?


u/Key-Development-2605 3 Nov 24 '22

Why do you keep watching the same video over and over? Too much time on your hands?