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Two Maui Men Convicted of Hate Crimes for Racially Motivated Attack on White Man Courtroom Justice


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u/Mack_vanVooren 2 16d ago

That title caught me a bit off guard, plot twist of the day


u/Fast_Enthusiasm_6655 5 Dec 05 '22

People who say this is “reverse racism”: 🥴🥴🤡🤡


u/TayCanada 5 27d ago

You're right, it isn't. It's just racism.


u/XVashTheStampedeX 7 Nov 24 '22

Sadly, a lot of racism like this in Hawai’i. Thankfully, we’re able to keep a lot of it away from the tourist areas. Hope they make an example of these two and put them away for a long time.


u/squancherino 2 Dec 01 '22

Also, tourist areas don't tend to have problems of open hate for white people because they don't care if tourists are coming. It's the people trying to live there they have true disgust and disdain for. I'm sure they still hate aspects of the tourism industry, too, but they aren't as bad as losing a home due to rising property values. Gentrification is modern colonialism.


u/dajur1 A Nov 23 '22

It took 8 years to put them away? Damn.


u/Vulture051 7 Nov 27 '22

It's a hate crime against a white dude. Surprised they even got convicted, must have been one hell of a beating.


u/SPARTONmAn 7 Dec 02 '22

I’m surprised they even classified it as a hate crime.


u/pipeweedjr_ 8 Nov 23 '22

Yeah kahakuloa is probably the last place you want to move as a white person. Even just visiting their without someone who grew up there or knows people is pretty sketch


u/haricariandcombines 9 Nov 23 '22

I was going to research if the guy sold his house, but I'm not going to bother. How could they continue to live there? That neighbourhood is brutal.


u/squancherino 2 Dec 01 '22

No, rich white people trying to buy up houses for air b&bs or a vacation home and raising property values, pricing natives out of their land and homes is brutal.