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Personal Skills IWTL how to get out of bed INSTANTLY


I need help getting out of bed in the morning. I keep hitting snooze and it's getting in the way of my day. Does anyone have tips on how to wake up fast? I appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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Personal Skills IWTL how to 'get out of my head'


Since I can remember, I've had anxiety, OCD with this negative inner voice that pretty much evaluates and often criticises everything I do and say, this can often lead to depression.

I know there are people who don't have this, they go through life, making decisions, good or bad without a second thought, they'll have flowing conversations and not thinking about what they are saying, never rechecking thier thoughts, their tone, their words and thier body language.

From what I understand, this is called 'being present in the moment', but for me, this is such a foreign concept. Even trying to 'be present' is a paradox, my inner voice will be checking if I'm 'being present' correctly and Ill be asking myself 'am i doing right' or 'your not doing it right'

I know there are techniques such as 'mindfulness' and 'active listening', but again, these just result in more thought blocks, which prevents decisions and the natural flow of conversation

I want to learn how to stop thinking like this: Has anyone overcome it? Is it even possible?

I have seen therapists and psychologists with little success, perhaps because I'm unable to convey my problem verbally or am too good at masking it

Edit: Just to add, I have tried exercise, competitive sports, weight lifting, socialising, and meditation (many, many, times) but the negative inner crittic is always there. I also have a very heathly diet and Sleep routine

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Personal Skills IWTL how to get out of bed the very first time i wake up


Whenever wake up i always fall back to sleep again. I have tried so much for years and i have just come to the conclussion that there is no fix.

It seems like I am not actually awake and concious to take action and get up if that even makes any sense. In the past Ive had alarms on and ringing like literally everyone else but it just gets turned off, and like im writing above im not actually concious to even know.

At one point earlier in life i would "wake up" and turn off the first alarm, then sleep some more. The next alarm goes off at some point later and this gets turned off aswell. Rinse and repeat until it was way passed mid-day..

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Personal Skills Iwtl how to let go of attachments


I went through a breakup about 3 months ago (a 2 year relationship) and since then I’ve realised how terrible the entire thing really was. Yes I had some of the best moments of my life with this person, he was my best friend but he also used to lie, went behind my back talking to other women multiple times, used to avoid and give very little attention, saying hurtful things in anger and holding resentment from previous arguments.
My problem is I miss him so terribly every single day. Even as i type right now, i just want to text or call him so bad. Ever since the breakup, I’ve added multiple hobbies back in my life. Journaling, painting, sketching, book reading, walks, workouts, healthy eating, consuming healthy content online. However nothing is helping me let go of attachment. I have realised how bad the relationship was but I cant seem to find it in myself to completely let go and not care for him. He has moved on and is doing fine (I know because I called him last month in hopes of reconciliation) Its so hurtful knowing the relationship meant so little to him that he’s moved on already. Please share tips/ your personal stories about how I can heal and stop missing someone who wasn’t good for me?

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Personal Skills IWTL How to say more in less words


i find that i over-explain too much or stretch out my explanations to be much longer than they need to be. how can i learn to say more using less words? i don’t want people to feel bored every time i speak.

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Personal Skills IWTL How to get fit and gain muscle


I genuinely need help and suggestions on what workout plan or workouts I should do to do get bigger. I am 20M 5’6-5’7 150lbs and soon enrolling in law enforcement and don’t want to look short and skinny. I have no idea where to start or what workout plan I should follow to get bigger. I’ve been going to the gym and I am somewhat fit but my arms and legs are skinny and just do whatever workout I can think of. Any military gym workouts that you guys suggestion or workout plans that helped you get bigger and gain muscle?

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Personal Skills IWTL how to stop being a people pleaser


I'm terrible with dealing with disappointing others because I already feel like a disappointment so when I let someone down it effects me more than them and more than it needs to. I'm trying to be more stern but I can't seem to break away from that feeling of wanting to do things right and not feel like a screw up.

But all this is in turn ruining my life. I'm making bad decisions and it's only adding on to my terrible sense of judgment. My problem is I'm aware of all this and Idk how to rip away from it. Whenever I find myself in a situation where I need to put myself first I end up trying to make things work out for everyone and as a result I lose. It's turning me into a pushover and making me hate myself more than I already do.

Please help..

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Personal Skills IWTL to be witty


I would like to be able to think quickly and come up with something witty to say in everyday conversation with people.

This is the type a humour I like in other people and very much want to possess it as well.

I should mention that English isn't my first language and as a result I may at times feel a barrier when it comes to expressing myself in a witty way.

Please can I have some advice on this? Thank you.

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Personal Skills iwtl : How to protect myself as much as possible from a potential banking crisis in which the dollar collapses.


I realize this could be as crazy as a zombie apocalypse but…

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Personal Skills IWTL how to find what I wanna do as a career in life


hello friends. i’m 18 years old and i don’t know what i want to do as a job in my future. I have interests and talented too but I haven’t committed on anything.

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Personal Skills IWTL how to be empathetic and be there for someone.


My brother seems to be having a tough time and seems to be depressed. Never leaves his room or bed. He has anxiety problems and they have been getting worse recently and in turn he is unable to leave the house without getting anxious. I am not good with expressing myself or how to reach out to a person it’s not something we have had to do, but I want to. I want to do more for him or not fumble my words to let him know I am here. I want to know if there is any resources or books I should read to help me do better by him. Thank you.

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Personal Skills IWTL how to stop caring about my parents’ irrelevant criticism


My parents have always criticized me for as long as I can remember, but now that I’m a fully grown and independent adult, I’m not exposed to it as much.

I’m staying with them right now for a few weeks and I just overheard my dad say to my mom that it’s embarrassing that I’m walking around to run errands “with my bags”. I’ve been trying to meet my daily step count by walking to different stores. I do the same where I live and it’s extremely normal there. They live in the suburbs so most people drive and my guess is they think only poor people walk everywhere and it looks poor when I do it.

I know it’s stupid and it shouldn’t bother me because I don’t agree with his opinion, but I overheard them while I was working from home and now I can’t focus on work because I keep thinking about it and it makes me feel bad about myself that he has these opinions of me. I think what bothers me most though is that, 9/10 times, these criticisms are made behind my back.

What can I do so things like this don’t affect me as much?

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Personal Skills IWTL how to flirt/talk dirty to my partner


(as a straight male)

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Personal Skills IWTL how to be ambidextrous


I know that some people are just born with it, but surely it’s a skill that you can work on, right?!

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Personal Skills IWTL how to stop getting angry over small silly things.


I have a really short temper and whenever someone(as in someone close to me) says something which is too dumb to me I get so pissed off. Its not like I am the smartest but still it pisses me off alot. I end up shouting at them.

When me and my gf were going somewhere she was in charge of the map. Instead of telling me to turn left she said to turn right. After telling me she got the route wrong, I got so fucking angry that I started yelling at her.

I need to change myself.

Another example is my mom. Sometimes she gives me life advices as if I'm still a fucking kid. Idk why she underestimate me alot.

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Personal Skills IWTL how to be more motivated and be less lazy.


15, male. I have barely any motivation for things. At least in the long term. I'll try to learn a language, it get's difficult, I loss motivation, start to forget about it, and stop learning. Been needing to get my room clean for months, and it's still not done.

I'm just tired of not getting things done. And it sucks because stuff like learning a language should feel fun, not like a chore.

How do I learn to be more motivated, or at least work without motivation without it feeling so crappy?

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Personal Skills IWTL how to stop being so angry all the time


I grew up in a toxic environment when I was little and I am practically angry 24/7 and get irritated with the smallest possible thing, all the time. I don't want to be like that, and it's disheartened af. I want to change.

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Personal Skills IWTL how to stop beating myself up for mistakes and allow myself to make mistakes again


I kick myself in the ass for every little mistake I’ve made. For example I’m 28 years old and I’m still mad at myself for the way I handled my relationship back when I was 20. For how I never stood up for myself and things I never said that I SHOULD’VE said. For being too nice and kind, tip toeing around people’s feelings when I should’ve said “Fuck you.” When I really should’ve spoken my mind. I feel like a total joke. It’s no wonder people don’t respect me much and never will at this point.

I’ve been slightly easier on myself lately because the older I get, the more 20 seems like a baby. But I still ruminate over it. It’s to the point where I overthink every move I make and ask people around me what I should do in order to avoid making any more mistakes.

I really hate being like this, I’m not growing, I feel artificial and stifled as a person, but I can’t stop. I’ve been like this for like 6 years now and I can’t fucking stop. I know I can’t do anything about the past but the anger towards myself never really goes away.

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Personal Skills iwtl Lost Motivation: How Can I Rekindle My Drive and Get Back on Track?


how to get back on track? I used to be full of energy, curious, and motivated to accomplish more in life. I was always eager to learn and take on challenging tasks. However a week ago, due to unexpected family issues, I had to take an unplanned break from work. It wasn't a decision I made willingly; circumstances forced me to put my work on hold.

im dissatised with my current self. all she is doing is eat,sleep and poop.what's more concerning is that I don't even feel bad about not doing anything meaningful. I find myself content with a lazy and easygoing lifestyle, spending most of my time sleeping.

I used to sleep like 5-6hr now im sleeping almost 12hr+ ig idk how i am getting this much sleep this days i am taking some medicine(for tooth related problem) dont know if its cuz of that or in last 4-5days i have build this habit og oversleeping. i want to get back and rebuild my old habit of loving working hard. This me frusutrad dissatisfied and want to get back but dont know how?

Today i tried to do my work which i used to enjoy and guess what i wasnt even able to focus for more than an hour. i dont want to be like this please hlep me or suggest something how can i get back on track start re-loving doing hard work instead of fearing and feeling i cannot do this lets avoid and sleep. how can i get back or focus for longer hours like i used to do just a week ago?

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Personal Skills IWTL How to have meaning, fulfilling relationships.


I’m not necessarily talking about romantic relationships, though those are definitely included.

I want to have a true friendship. I’ve had friends throughout my life but none of them have ever felt like they’re real. They’ve all been surface level. I want the friendship that feels like family. I want the “I completely trust this person” type of friendship. I want someone who knows me and cares about me but I’m not sure how to find that. I’m not very good at being close to people or vulnerable but I want to be.

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Personal Skills IWTL to gain the motivation that i lost


I used to be very motivated and amitious, and between some failures and hard times, I've seem to lost that spark and cannot regain it back. A lot of people around me are doing well for themselves, and its discouraging when i compare myself to them.

I want to learn how to just focus on myself and become motivated again.

If anyone has some good tip or anything would be greatly appreciated.

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Personal Skills IWTL how to not spend so much time on my phone.


I (25F) have a terrible problem with using my phone all the time. I didn't used to but after I became disabled due to extremely severe anxiety and agoraphobia and didn't have anything to do during the day other than cleaning, which doesn't usually take me very long to do. I want to not use my phone as much but I don't know what else to do. I have all kinds of crafting supplies but never feel like using them. I want to do something but I don't know what to do instead of using my phone. I'm considering learning woodworking and candle making and selling the things I make. I don't know what to do.

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Personal Skills IWTL How to be more intelligent


So I am in my 30s and I didn't graduate from college. I grew up poor. I didn't know how to quantify intelligence, but I know I am not intelligence compared to my cohorts. For eg. when I first joined a running club I realized I was the least intelligent of them all. Everyone had great professions, spoke well, held themselves at a high standard (mannerism, etc) and I wasn't use to that. People had a lot of worldly things to talk about. People think of their feet. People didn't stutter or had trouble communicating, and I was just in awe.

I, on the other hand, want to communicate, contribute in conversation, be humorous, and just all around have many things others can learn from me, but in truth I don't and That is why I feel I am less intelligent.

What can I do now that I am late in the game. I don't think I've fully developed from adolescent even though I am a full grown adult.

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Personal Skills IWTL how to study after long work hours


How does a person be motivated to study after long working hours(~12 hours) ?

Edit: I work as a scrum master in a software company

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Personal Skills IWTL how to be more observant and deducive


I want to know how to extract as much information possible by just looking and thinking. The main problem is knowing what to look at, and what information to retain. How do you know where to look for information?