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Complaint Guys, seriously, stop being sexists.


I'm Immortal top 2000 and sometimes, with the Coach feature, I try to help people to understand the game better in order to improve their experience and makes it more enjoyable.

Recently, I have been training a girl who plays support. She just wants to play dota and enjoy the role, but their teammates are so bad that it's just impossible to win even with my suggestions. Her cores always throw the game, never buy Bkb when it's necessary, and don't know what to do in general. I know it's completely normal in this kind of brackets (Herald - Guardian), but what makes this unplayable or disgusting is that they always blame her not only because she plays bad (obviously, she knows this and that's why she looks for a coach), but also because she is mainly woman. They use the classic insults related to ... you know. It's so deplorable.

Seriosly, I'm not lying when I say that she was about to cry just because her teammates were so rude with her, and of course, you can say "this is normal in Dota". Dude, she wasn't depressed because that happened in only one game. She was frustrated because 4 or 5 games in a row people just were so fucking bad, and as a coach, I understand her when she says she doesn't want to play Dota anymore.

Heralds, Guardians, People who is under 2k: You are the worst players in the world, so I don't understand how can you ask for teammates that could play like Miracle or GH when you are not in that high level. You have to accept the fact that people in your bracket is just learning how to exactly play the game, so don't be rude with them if they are trying their best, and if you want to trashtalk someone, do it according to his/her gameplay and not because his/her gender, religion, or whatever.

And, In case you don't know, there are women who are Immortal rank, so don't be stupid saying that "A woman can't play Dota".

Damn. I'm so tilted right now because this kind of things just shows how people of our community still have crap in their minds, and sorry if there are good players that may be offended with the last mention (about medals), but you know what kind of people I'm referring to. To the rest, PLEASE, STOP BEING SEXIST!


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Complaint Do not bet with EPORTSBET (sponsor of DPC NA/WEU)


Esportsbet is currently on a streak of sponsoring many DOTA tournaments, but they are a super shady company at best and should be AVOIDED. If this post breaks the subreddit rules feel free to remove it, just making to warn people & stop other tournaments from working with them.

Long story but they are refusing to payout me & someone named 'JC', I tried to make a withdraw request for 1.2btc ($55k at the time) in October 2021 and they closed my accout, same with JC for $40,000 USDT. At the time I spent a lot of effort speaking to different journalists to get my story out & making a youtube video of all the details (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8GmnM97m-g). Despite all this they lied about me online and labeled me as a cheater. The video isn't entertaining it's just a full recap of the events that happened, the only inaccurate thing is at 12:00 player 1 has been paid back which I'll explain below.

They offered me 1/4 of my account balance ($16k) on initial account closure in Oct 2021, which I declined: (https://prnt.sc/FwvXt8_E7GDF)

They then emailed saying they were going to do a vote on the future of my account, whether I was going to receive my funds & holders of their crypto would be voting on this, this never happened in the end. This was the last communication I received at that time: (https://prnt.sc/9iYOkDoVxyAP https://prnt.sc/sHov2YFNiSlC)

Them accusing me of having 'inside information': https://twitter.com/rhyspalburner/status/1478766852843229191

Them accusing me of betting on 'streamer games' never placed one streamer bet: https://twitter.com/rhyspalburner/status/1499596046602756103

After this situation they rebranded from DJEsports --> Esportsbet after my videos & other articles painted them in a bad light and they stopped replying after I made a video of the whole situation. They would still continue to lie about me publicly through out 2022.

In Dec 2022 I was put in contact with a support person at Esportsbet through player 1 who finally got paid back after a year. It's quite obvious that this is going no where and they have already stopped replying, one of the last things they replied to me with on Dec 7th 2022: "The conclusions on your situation have yet to be made". Here are some parts of that convo:



The support person really said he found it appaling that I asked for what the crypto was worth when I made my withdraw in Oct 2021, after they've refused payout or the last 14 months. I only bought crypto to bet on their site and was going to sell it immediately after withdrawing, so they've locked me into a trade for a year+ on top of not paying me out.

TLDR: refused to payout customer funds, closed account offered 25% which I declined, gave different reasons for doing so & lied about me online, emailed me saying they would run a crypto vote on the 'future of my account' & still haven't come to a 'conclusion' 14 months later.

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Complaint Guys, github bug tracker is not reddit, stop spamming it so valve can see actual bugs instead

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Complaint Smurfing is horrible and it must stop! They even have fun showing off their low account levels.

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Complaint I can't watch Grubby anymore


Huge Grubby fan here, been watching since he started streaming on twitch at 600 mmr. Those were the good old days, giving him advice through twitch chat on what items to buy, typing "kekl" when he makes a mistake, and flaming every bad decision by him. As a high ranking crusader (crusader 5) with over 8 years of experience, I felt I could really help him get better at dota. I remember fondly watching as he listened to my advice and climbed to guardian, and then to crusader. I would think to myself "wow, I'm in the same bracket as a PRO Gamer, you're top 10% at this game but are just held back by your teammates".

At this point, I knew Grubby would have a hard time climbing. If I was stuck at this rank for 6 years (took me to 2 years to climb out of guardian), then Grubby would for sure feel the pain of being hard-stuck. I watched as he would win, then lose, maybe forced 50% is a real thing reddit (haha)?! After each game he would take time to reflect on bad decisions he had made, I would type "no Grubby, at this mmr your teammates determine whether you win or not". He never listened. He started winning and climbing. First to archon, then to legend. He is twice my mmr within 2 or 3 months. But its not because he improved that fast, its because people streamsnipe and carry him to wins. Its so frustrating seeing people talk about how he climbed so fast, but there are people like me who can't climb at all. Its not because Grubby took the time to reflect on his own gameplay and his own mistakes, its because Gabe Newell hates me and my family and because Grubby is clearly being boosted on stream :(

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Complaint Pos 5 Natures prophet, 0 wards, steals almost all lane farm, feeds 0-12 and also has the courage to flame the team. Just feel i have to put it our there as im trying really hard to climb rank, these people are ruining the game and wasting time for 9 other players who want a fair game.

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Complaint XaKoH - years and years of boosting LIVE on twitch in front of hundreds of fans. Is there any integrity left in this game? Do we really want entire communities built around cheating in game?!

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Complaint Techies were uncontested at the Internationals 10, got reworked, and still remained uncontested at the next Internationals.

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Complaint I cant enjoy this patch anymore.


Immortal meta is devolved to a point where pos1 is either lina or sf. Pos4 is either rubick or riki. Mid is either tusk, tiny sf or ember. Frankly theres no stable offlane hero aside from like lc.

Im not saying these heroes are op/strong no. Its boring. Imagine ure a pos 3 where u lane against lina EVERYGAME. Like i wanna lane against wk, troll or tb or smthing.

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Complaint Are valve really not gonna gonna do anything about people trasfering mmr in Immortal?


There is clips of gorgc,qojqva watching enemy lonedurid feed 4 bears in 8 minutres to their friend on mid

There is this posts that exposed them


It even happened again today in Gorgc games 2 games in a row where brood fed alchemist spiders on purpose

But nothing is gonna happen even if posts get on front page

Are Valve just sleeping or they are braindead refusing to ban players?

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Complaint If you tell people to kill themselves over a video game, you shouldn’t be playing


Doing that is so unnecessary. You have no idea who’s on the other side of the computer and what they might be going through. This game is toxic af as it is. If you find yourself thinking that you want to say that to a stranger on the internet, go take a walk outside.

Edit: Imagine telling someone that IRL during a board game. How dramatic and out of line would that be? Seriously some of ya’ll are deranged.

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Complaint People are cheating on last pick.


There is a hack running around that exposes the last pick of your enemies in immortal. Fix this shit it's literally unplayable.

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Complaint Hide the enemy team’s picks in turbo until picking is over


This mode is fucking ridiculous. Over half the people playing the mode are waiting to counter pick since the gold loss is worth nothing in turbo. The whole point of the mode is to have fun, but how is anyone supposed to do that if their pick is just countered by the other team every single game. If you want to make smart picks, go play ranked. Otherwise, just pick your hero and play the game.

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Complaint I have 14000 hours of Dota. How can this guy be in my game?

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Complaint Is shadow 's fiend 7+ seconds aoe fear balanced and fair?

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Complaint Ex Virtus pro player Lil playing 2k games on stream



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Complaint Guys I don't think we have enough farming illusion hard carry's. Thanks Valve for "ranked roles".

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Complaint Why is this set still not marketable? Description literally says "Marketable after TI11", but it still isn't

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Complaint About a year ago i made a post with all the hacks that work in Dota. This week i decided to check if anything has been changed ever since.


Mentioned Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/qxtb2b/i_decided_to_buy_a_dota_hack_for_science_and_im/

I obviously only tried them in botgames and not in actual matchmaking. I have also checked the forums to see if there has been any banwaves, single bans or whatever.

Sadly, in over a year, absolutely nothing has changed at all. It has become even worse because Valve does not even bother banning in huge waves anymore. I have checked the forums of 2 "premium" hacks and the only times where people got banned was when they used hacks very obviously, like instant cast hack, camera etc. In the past, Valve mass banned hackers like twice a year or so. The last forum post i have found where hackers talked about a mass ban wave was in 2019. Fun fact, one of these forums has almost 250.000 Members. 250.000. Also, like 99% of the posts there are in Russian, which implies that this is probably more of an issue on EU servers than NA one.

These hacks can also freely just disable VAC and Dota works anyway, which is beyond my understanding. Why does Dota allow you to connect to the servers if VAC is literally disabled?

I know that many of you probably don't even notice hackers or think they are not a big problem, but these hacks have also a lot of options to make hacking less obvious and they are getting better every month. Some even have natural mouse movement, so you can't even tell when players are using instant hex hacks anymore because the mouse actually moves to the target.

It is really disappointing to see that Valve has given up punishing hackers at all. They have complete free pass and unless they really obviously hack they can just do whatever they want.

/edit automod keeps adding spoiler im not doing it

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Complaint I'm now in low priority because Valve apparently can't test their code on Linux.


First off, because I know someone will comment this, I'm not switching to windows. "Change your OS" should not be the first response to a problem, and it says on the steam page of Dota 2 that it supports Linux. So it should support Linux.

Up until about 2 weeks ago, Dota 2 had crashed on my computer maybe twice over my years of playing. Then, suddenly, it started freezing and crashing almost every game. Some of these crashes aren't too bad. I am able to force close Dota, reopen it, and reconnect within 3 minutes. But some, Dota will crash and take my entire PC with it, making me reboot before I can rejoin the lobby. No other program has ever single-handedly killed my PC, so props to the dev team for that one.

Now as a Linux user, I'm happy to do my part in troubleshooting a problem. Sometimes I can trace these issues to problems on my own computer, sometimes I can just write up a bug report and submit it. But what makes this especially irritating is that I cannot find any connection between these freezes. They have happened at all different times in games, sometimes in the middle of the pre-game loading screen, sometimes in the middle of a teamfight (that was a bad one). They have happened in games with no heroes in common that could've caused it. I've submitted a bug report nonetheless, but due to the nature of many of these crashes, I don't have log files for them.

Today, while I was playing unranked with my friends, just chatting and walking down mid, everything froze up again. I couldn't press ctrl+alt+f2 to go kill the dota process, so I just had to press the power button on my PC and wait to reboot. The game wouldn't close immediately, and once it did, I still had to wait to boot up (2 mins) and launch steam & dota (5 mins). My team wasn't able to keep it paused long enough, and I got an abandon. This was apparently enough abandons recently, and I am now in low priority. For a bug that isn't my fault. Thanks Valve.

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Complaint PLEASE mr JANITOR add hotkey 3 to +2 all attributes

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Complaint Lacking of updates is making the game stale


I just wanna rant and complain regarding the no update state of the game. People be giving reasons there are tournaments going on hence there will be no new updates in the meantime. Has it always been like this? Can't they host the tournament locally using previous version or something or is there no such technology yet? There are tournaments one after another are we gonna have to suffer the same patch for another year or what?

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Complaint PSA: Cheaters have been glitching out their Overwatch cases


Don't forget to upvote (thumbs up) for visibility on github

Issue #6646

It seems cheaters will make it so that the OW case will begin way too early (despite the markers starting at min 10+) which glitches it out and makes replay very hard to judge.

Be on alert if you see this happen to you. It seems that you're likely to be watching a cheater.


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Complaint Please the fuck someone tell me why I cannot report the enemy team for griefing or feeding?


Am I the only one who thinks feeding and griefing kill the fun whichever team does? The enemy team player feeds mid by running into the tower why am I not allowed to report that shitty player?

Edit: For those says 'there is end of game reports', they do not generate overwatch cases plus it is for communication and account based reports not gameplay reports.

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Complaint DAY 2: Posting the boosted Accounts I run into in 7k USE until I have a day without them OR I get a single Overwatch Report back that they have been punished. Today we had 5!

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