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Discussion Daily General Discussion and Match Links Thread - August 15, 2022


Live and upcoming match threads | Reddit-stream

This is a daily thread for general cricketing discussion/conversation about all topics that don't need to be posted in their own thread.

This provides a space for things like general team changes/opinions/conversation and other frequently-asked questions or commonly-posted subjects.

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[Mod Post] Time to add some more mods - please apply in here if interested


Once again the subreddit continues to grow and we've had a bunch of mod turnover leaving us a bit short at the moment, so we're looking for some more help to join the ranks. Please let us know in this thread if you're interested in joining the ranks of r/cricket moderators.

As usual, things we'll be looking for:

  • Regular users with good track records in the community.
  • Active and committed to remaining active for some time.
  • Familiar with the rules of the subreddit, and with the reddit sitewide rules.

When making your application, please include the following:

  • Location or timezone
  • Anything else you think is relevant e.g. previous mod experience, how often you're online etc.

We don't have a fixed number of mods we're looking to add, and we try to take the community's opinion into account with nominations as much as possible but it's not a popularity contest. Applications will be open until we think we have enough to send some invites.

Edit: women are encouraged to apply for team balance, given recent turnover

We'll also consider inviting a new mod via direct outreach if we think they'd do a good job and don't apply via this thread.

New mods will be introduced by announcement thread after accepting (unless they choose not to be).

Please be aware that if you nominate yourself mods or other users may look through your reddit profile (and old modmails/PMs etc) to see if you'll be a good fit for the sub.

Being a mod can be fun at times (eg setting up AMAs, helping people out) but can also be stressful/draining at other times (sorting out drama, receiving abusive modmail/PMs). Before applying please consider how it may impact you and make the best choice for your personal situation.

Thanks everyone!

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Discussion Stonis signalled to cameras that Hasnain was chucking after he got out in Southern Brave vs Oval Invincibles

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Consecutive centuries for Cheteshwar Pujara in the Royal London Cup. Scores 174 runs in 131 deliveries against Surrey. This is the highest score by a Sussex player in List A cricket.

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Ian Chappell ends 45-year commentary career

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First Smeed, now Will Jacks, 2nd ever The Hundred hundred with 108* (48)

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Stats Pujara's List A average is up there with the best

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Discussion Why is Murali not talked about as much as Warne?


I've noticed that there are all these documentaries of Shane Warne some of which were before his death even. Everyone considers him to be a legend of the game (not saying Murali isn't or that Warne isn't) but it just seems to me that Warne gets more recognition than Murali despite Murali having more test wickets in fewer test matches at a lower average and better strike rate. On top of this, Murali has more ODI wickets than Warne, (he actually is top of ODI and Test wicket takers) at yet again a better average, strike rate and economy rate. Warne is ranked 4th in Wisden's all time cricketers whereas Murali doesn't even get a mention (if I checked correctly)

This got me thinking as to why?

Here are some potential reasons I thought off please feel free to mention any that I haven't picked up on:

  1. The fact that Warne is from a big 3 country?
  2. Skin colour potentially?
  3. Warne's off field exploits?
  4. Murali played more games against "weaker" teams like Zimbabwe and Bangladesh?

What extra would Murali have to have accomplished in order to be talked about as much, if not more than Shane?

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Discussion Atherton - "Is Joe Root the greatest England batsman of my lifetime? He is – just"

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Discussion A review: First experience of watching The Hundred live.


... and probably my last.

I'll start by saying that I've really enjoyed watching the format (on TV) so far, the shorter power plays seem to bring the bowlers into the game a bit more, and batting second seems less of a upper hand. I've not watched a match this season which hasn't been entertaining sport-wise and such was the case when I watched both Saturday's games in the women's and men's Hundred with a group of mates at Sophia Gardens on Saturday.

Unfortunately both of the excellent contests on Saturday were made almost impossible to watch, let alone enjoy, by the heap of absolute nonsense "event production/crowd engagement" that's tacked onto it.

I don't know whether these are just Tân Cymreig/Welsh Fire problems or if other people who've attended other franchise's matches have experienced the same thing.

The event production was so bad in so many ways. There was almost this desperation to create this party atmosphere rather than letting the atmosphere be created naturally by the quality that was on display on the pitch - which there was lots of.

I could live with the music after pretty much every ball, but the sound quality, volume, was all over the place, (the poor BBC Introducing band who were on between innings in the evening game - sorry whoever you were but we couldn't hear your name or anything other than your bassist and Drummer through the bassist's mic). And the music selection was just weird "Yes sir I can boogie" got played at least 6 times, "Yma o Hyd" got 10 seconds of airtime and it preceded the only spontaneous crowd singing I heard across the 2 games.

...But then we come to the fucking crowd interviews. My god, the endless crowd interviews. Clearly some rich, presumably white middle aged male chief exec somewhere has paid a marketing company that knows nothing about sport a million quid and they've told him 2 things, "Do some Crowd Engagement" and "kids love TikTok", and those 2 things concluded the entire planning for the crowd engagement. The result of said planning was 2 wish.com TV presenters interviewing fans throughout the game... Incessantly. The one presenter to be fair to him, seemed to be trying his best with his clearly very limited brief of "Find some kids and get them to dance like off of that Fortnite game every 5 balls". He clearly had some cricketing understanding, and at least knew he was at a Cricket match, which for his co-presenter was debatable. She had a voice akin to 50 toddlers with recorders, and after each toe-curlingly cringeworthy interview she would sound off with a forced attempt at getting a chant going. "FY-AH FY-AH FY-AH" or my personal favourite "Come on... WELSH!" (She clearly realised mid sentence that she wasn't at a Wales Rugby game). The only thing more deafening than her voice was the silence after each attempt. By ball 20 of the Tân Cymreig men's innings if you'd have offered me "listen to this person interview someone from the crowd again" or "Go for a run wearing barbed wire flip flops and wire wool pants" I'd have asked you how far you wanted me to run.

However what was more serious and depressing was all this nonsense led to what I would describe as by far the worst atmosphere I've ever experienced at a sports event and one of the foulest sports crowds I've ever been in.

Cardiff is my home city, a place that I'm very proud to be from and love dearly. It is one of the best cities to watch sport in, in the world and we are lucky to have 3 international grounds walking distance from the centre of town. However this close proximity to town creates problems. I love a few beers/all dayer at the cricket as much as the next person however some of what I witnessed and heard on Saturday was quite frankly, disgraceful.

I'll set the scene: Crowd was about 2/3 to 3/4 full for the women's game, we took a break from the sun in some trees outside the ground between matches and watched the rest of the crowd filter in for the evening game. There were lots of groups of already smashed lads rolling in from a day on the beers in town. Now I could be describing a scene before any given Friday/Saturday t20 match in the UK but here is where the lack of atmosphere and, in the case of Tân Cymreig men, any sort of bond with the team (no Glam players or local players in the squad) created a problem. There were/are no chants, no songs for these groups to get stuck into/keep them entertained between beers - there was no engagement with the excellent game unfolding Infront of them. And the result was, fielders on the boundary started getting an absolute torrent of abuse that got nasty. It started with one "humorous" soul shouting "Get your cock out." At each fielder, that came within 50m of our section of the stand. This then snowballed into a wall of pissed up wannabe comedians hurling abuse at anyone they could see on the pitch. We moved stands after someone, who I'm ashamed to say definitely sounded Welsh shouted at David Miller "you South African c, you Saffers are all a bunch of f*** racists." And all his mates laughed. Pricks. (Incident was reported to a steward)

The sad thing is with the Fire is that they've got a shining example of successful fan engagement that they could Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v ideas from, and they're based just down the road. What the FAW have done with the Welsh Football teams and the match day experiences at both the men's and women's games is sensational. Should be the blueprint of anyone looking to run a professional team sport in Wales. Again the development of that was born out of the fans having a deep connection with the group of players and vice versa, the players having a deep connection with Y Wal Goch (The Red Wall). Rather than just cashing in though, the FAW have done it right and built a legacy out of a golden generation of players and a sense of togetherness through sport.

In conclusion, I'll be sticking to Glamorgan games and watch the Hundred on the telly.

Well done to anyone who made it to the end of this, it was good to get it off my chest.

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Interview Ramiz Raja interview: Imran Khan's cornered tigers, India and developing young cricketers

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News " There Are Almost 4,000 Tigers In The Wild, But There's Only One Rahul Dravid " : Ross Taylor

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Image Australian Cricket World Cup Jerseys over the years.

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News On Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day: Babar Azam, Masood Jan, and Bismah Maroof receive civil awards

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Interview Lizelle Lee: I honestly felt that I had so much more to give

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News ICC Super League Points Table before the start of 3 Important Series: Netherlands vs Pakistan, New Zealand vs West Indies and India vs Zimbabwe

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Discussion Alastair Cook: The Jimmy Anderson I know is resilient, trustworthy and dedicated

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Interview Glenn McGrath exclusive: ‘I hate seeing express pacers trade speed for control’

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Image The evolution of the New Zealand Cricket Jersey

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Death by T20 league? It's real, it's coming

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Volunteers needed for interview on social media use and The Hundred (university study)


Apologies for the repost mods, but wanted to put it out there now The Hundred is in full swing for this season!

I'm a student researcher at the University of Melbourne doing an honours project this year assessing how The Hundred utilised certain social media strategies to help build (or hinder) their brand and audience over their inaugural season.

If you are a UK resident and followed The Hundred on social media during the 2021 season, you are a perfect candidate for this University of Melbourne research project into The Hundred’s social media marketing communication strategies. The interview will take 30 minutes over Zoom and your identity will be completely protected. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/yTMCBmEdtJNESJiZ9

Alternatively, if you know anybody that fits the criteria and would be interested, please send the form link along. Thanks!

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Match Thread: 3rd T20I - West Indies vs New Zealand


3rd T20I, New Zealand tour of West Indies at Kingston

Cricinfo | Reddit-Stream | 🌥 🌥 🌥 🌥 🌥

Innings Score
New Zealand 145/7 (Ov 20/20)
West Indies 150/2 (Ov 19/20)

Batter Runs Balls SR
Rovman Powell* 27 15 180.0
Shamarh Brooks 56 59 94.92
Bowler Overs Runs Wickets
James Neesham 1 11 0
Tim Southee 4 37 1
Recent : . 1  |  1 . 1 4 1 1  |  . . 1 6 1 1  |  2 1 . 2 . 6  |  

West Indies won by 8 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)

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Discussion If I was Chris Lynn, I would take Cricket Australia to court: Ian Chappell

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News [Jersey Cricket] Jersey win ICC Challenge League B and qualify for the 2023 World Cup Qualifier Playoff

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USA Women U19 win the home T20 series in Florida against the West Indies Women U19s 4-1.

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Image Poster For Pakistan’s Tour of Netherlands

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Discussion Asiacup 2022 tickets to go on sale today


Asiacup tickets to go on sale today. Check platinum list dot net. But they didn't mention the time.