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News Alabama's Nick Saban rejected 2 players who were searching for $1.3 million combined in NIL money: report

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Discussion How do you deal with the TRAGEDY of your school becoming a basketball school instead of the football school you dream of?



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News Georgia SUV in deadly crash was for recruiting, not personal use


University of Georgia athletic department officials say the vehicle involved in a crash that killed a football player and an employee on Jan. 15 was to be used only for recruiting activities, not personal use.

The University of Georgia athletic association provided that information in a statement to The Associated Press on Saturday, saying personal use of the SUV was "strictly prohibited."


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News [Papke] Insider: Broncos made last-ditch attempt to lure Jim Harbaugh

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Rumor [Pelissero] The Ravens interviewed Georgia offensive coordinator Todd Monken for their OC job this week, per source. Monken has been eyeing a potential NFL return and also is slated to speak with the Bucs.

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Recruiting 2024 4* Linebacker Adarius Hayes commits to Florida


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Recruiting Albany State walks back scholarship offer to former Florida QB commit Marcus Stokes

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News [Schefter] Broncos owner Greg Penner and University of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh met last week in Ann Arbor to discuss Denver's head coaching position without any deal materializing, league sources told ESPN.


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Recruiting 2024 4* ATH Dwight Phillips Jr. commits to Georgia


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Discussion OK State didn’t mince words ahead of their game against Ole Miss tonight


It appears the O’Colly had something to say about Sander transferring to Ole Miss


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Analysis Evolution of Mike Yurcich's (Penn St) Use of the T Formation



Interesting read on an old old old school formation made modern

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Casual Which team is most likely to "pull a TCU" next season?


Folks, after we all watched TCU's insane run to the title game in Sonny Dykes' first season, I think we all need to pay more attention to teams under first-year coaches as being potential sleepers for the CFP. And this wasn't the first time this has happened either, I think we all remember what Auburn did back in 2013. Thus, the discussion begins: Which program under a first-year coach is the most likely to jump out of nowhere and shockingly make the playoff for 2023? While Colorado has a bunch of hype right now with Deion being their leader (plus those transfers), my personal gut feeling is that it would be Wisconsin under Luke Fickell or Louisville under Jeff Brohm.

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Casual What are some past games that any college football fan must see?


I have seen lists of "best matches any wrestling fan must see" "best tv shows to see"...etc but.. what about college football games.

What are some games any of you believe any college football fan must see?

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News Mike Zimmer joining Colorado staff under Deion Sanders

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Recruiting 2023 3* DL Sua Lefotu commits to Nebraska


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History On This Date - January 28, 1958: Former Alabama head football coach J.B. "Ears" Whitworth was hired as an assistant coach by the Montreal Alouettes. Whitworth had a record of 4-24-2 in three seasons at Alabama and was recently replaced by Paul "Bear" Bryant.

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Recruiting 2023 3* LB Taylor Heim commits to Oklahoma


Player 247 profile page


Venables is going all in on picking up in-state talent...something that Riley was absolutely awful at. This trend may hurt OKST a lot as Gundy seemed to benefit a lot from getting these 3*, Oklahoma kids and developing them into NFL starters

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Recruiting 2024 3* LB Samarian Robinson commits to UCF


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Casual You get to be the mascot of your rival school for their biggest game. How do you ruin everything?


For Oklahoma - tip the wagon

For TAMU - idk shave the dog

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Discussion What will happen to the "Conference of Champions" moniker when USC and UCLA leave?


That will be 225 titles leaving with the schools. Will the B1G now be able to claim the throne?

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Recruiting 2024 3* DE Zion Taylor commits to Houston


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Rumor [Laine] Sources tell me that UGA offensive coordinator/QBs coach and former Bucs and Browns offensive coordinator Todd Monken will interview next week for the Bucs’ offensive coordinator position.

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Recruiting 2023 3* LB Richard Benenge commits to Army


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News James Laurinaitis Returning to Ohio State as Defensive Graduate Assistant

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Analysis Big Ten Schools Ranked By How Confidently I Could Beat Them In A Fight


Yet another completely serious and 100% scientific analysis of Conference Nicknames. Previous entries include the Pac 12, ACC, and SEC. So far I've learned the state of Florida has zero sense of humor, the Pac 12 is very friendly, and Ole Miss still has some things to work on. If you call yourselves the Crimson Tide, I'm fighting an algal bloom and not an elephant. Fights are to the death and I am armed with only my fists. Let's begin.

14 - Michigan State Spartans

Ancient civilization most famous for a battle they lost? I win by virtue of still being alive.

13 - Ohio State Buckeyes

So, I need to fight a tree? I guess I could tear off a few branches and let it rot to death, or maybe start a fire? Idk. But it isn't killing me.

12 - Maryland Terrapins

It isn't even a big turtle. I could step on it or drop it from a high spot. I suppose that if it managed to hide from me it might win based on longevity, but they only live for ~40 years.

11 - Minnesota Gophers

I step on it. Rodents aren't particularly tough, and this is just a less dangerous beaver. I step on it.

10 - Northwestern Wildcats

Ok, it's a cat. I would not look good after a fight with a wildcat but I know I would win.

9 - Iowa Hawkeyes & Indiana Hoosiers

These ones are tough. They are either just normal people from their state (in which case I consider it a draw) or fictional characters/nonsense words (in which case they finish last). I am placing them here because why are there 14 teams in this conference?

7 - Nebraska Cornhuskers

Again, just a person. But I've seen what those farm boys can do. I'm probably going to get shucked.

6 - Wisconsin Badgers

I don't mess around with mustelids. They are durable and aggressive. I'd be too busy referencing 20 year old memes to fight back against these cuties.

5 - Purdue Boilermakers

I'm assuming he has a wrench or some other tool. Advantage to the guy with fire.

4 - Penn State Nittany Lions

There is no doubt in my mind that I die to a mountain lion. Those things are nasty. It loses out to the other schools later in this list because I think it is more likely to later succumb to its wounds.

3 - Illinois Fighting Illini

Best as I can tell, the name does not directly refer to an ethnic group - Illini was never used contemporaneously with the Illinois Confederation; it's just at term chosen for the school. They get placed here because they are specifically the "fighting" version of rowdy collegiates, and that is scary.

2 - Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Let's get it out of the way: knights still exist. Assuming the knight is wearing historic gear, I get wrecked. Absolutely wrecked. Unfortunalately, knights fight honorably. My top choice does not. Good effort, Rutgers.

1 - Michigan Wolverines

You think a honey-badger is bad? Meet it's angrier, more aggressive cousin. 40lbs of pure hate and anger. I don't mess around with mustelids, and this is their king.

Congratulations Michigan flairs! Hopefully this makes you feel better about losing to the Hypnotoad.

u/_iam_that_iam_ Mr Steal Yo Girl Award: Boilermakers. Chicks dig trains.