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Announcement The /r/CFB Poll is now accepting applications for 2022. The deadline to apply for a preseason invite is 8/15/22. FAQ inside.


Since games begin to kickoff on August 27th, it's now time to open up the /r/CFB Poll for new voters for the upcoming 2022-23 season!

The deadline to be considered for an invite is August 15th at 11:59 PM PDT.


NOTE: To streamline being added to the poll site, applicants must also go to the poll site and apply to be provisional voters.

Thanks to everyone for helping make the /r/CFB poll one of the most successful projects on the sub!


Q: I've applied! When will I hear whether or not I was selected?

A: My goal is to notify selected new voters on Friday, August 20th, though it might slip a day or two depending on how quickly I can get things pulled together.

Q: I missed the deadline and/or wasn't selected for a preseason invite. What can I do to participate in the poll?

A: Please feel free to join the conversation in the weekly poll results. As poll thread participation is one of the criteria used to select new voters, this will improve your application should you apply again next year.

Additionally, new this year, all users may vote in the poll as provisional voters as long as they are members in good standing. Posting a weekly ballot as a provisional voter will be considered in future years' application processes.

Q: How many people normally get selected? How many apply?

A: The number of people selected is a function of how many current participants there are and the quality of the applications received. Number of applications has ranged between 200 and 1,200 over the last seven years. The number invited this year will depend on the application pool and the response I get from returning voters, but it will be in the ballpark of around 40.

Q: How do you determine who gets selected?

A: The qualities we're looking for are as follows:

  • How long a user has been participating on /r/CFB (usually the minimum required here is 1+ years, but there are rare exceptions).
  • How much a user contributes to /r/CFB and the quality of those contributions
  • Participation in poll threads
  • Evaluation of application responses
  • Poll balance needs in terms of conference and teams, proportional to the /r/CFB userbase

Q: I accidentally submitted my application twice. What do?

A: No worries, I'll use the second submission.

Q: I am a returning voter, but I changed usernames. What do I do?

A: PM me, preferably from the old account, and let me know your new username.

Q: I am a returning voter from last season, do I need to reapply?

A: No. The preseason poll is open, feel free to go ahead and submit your ballot.

Q: If selected, I think preseason/early polls are dumb. Do I have to vote in them?

A: No. The first three weeks are optional, with no penalty to activity records.

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Lane Kiffin Says Ole Miss Found Its New Punter At A Keg Party On Campus

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Discussion [Hickey] “Four longhorns injured in first scrimmage”

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Uniforms Washington reveals new Husky Royalty alternate uniform

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News Kansas FB Jared Casey, who caught the game winning 2-PT Conversion against Kansas, gets a Scholarship

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Discussion Why Does No One Talk About How Texas Used to Play This at Home Games?


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Discussion What college would have the most challenging stadium if you let a live version of their mascot into the field of play?


Obviously there are some stand outs like Texas and Florida, but Stanford planting a tree on the 50 yard line would really shake up the offensive strategy. Also Iowa State would be pretty tough considering it's a cyclone and that turn the game into a ground game.

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Florida Gators New Football Facility

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Recruiting 2023 4* DL Kamran James Commits to Florida


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Discussion What were the iconic passing plays of the last decade?


Anything goes.

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Recruiting 2024 4* LB Myles Graham Commits to Florida


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Recruiting 2023 4* S Jayden Bonsu commits to Ohio State


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RJ Young's Top 25 is..... interesting as always

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Discussion What are the most iconic kicking mishaps of the last decade?


...Other than the Kick Six and WOAH HE HAS TROUBLE WITH THE SNAP!

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News Jac Collinsworth & Jason Garrett will succeed Mike Tirico & Drew Brees on Notre Dame games for NBC


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Discussion Who is the smallest/worst (perceived) school that would go to the playoff by going undefeated this season?


Like the above says, who is the smallest/worst program that, if they went undefeated, would go to the playoff?

BYU will probably go to the playoff if we go undefeated (beating Baylor, Notre Dame, Oregon, Arkansas, Stanford, Utah State, and Boise State). But, I'm guessing some mid-level G5 programs might actually go to the playoff if they go undefeated as well.

My best guess is Kent State? If they beat Georgia, Oklahoma, and Washington, they probably go right?

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Bill Clark gave everything to UAB football. Then he needed to walk away

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Discussion Could a head coach theoretically get fired for cause for burning redshirts on his way out?


Something I've always pondered. Consider the following scenario:

A coach goes into the season clearly on the hot seat. He has to win and at least get to a bowl game or he'll be canned by season's end. Halfway through the season, the team is 1-5 and is clearly showing no signs of life. The losses are huge blowouts, the team is heavily penalized/playing undisciplined, and local beat writers are getting tons of bits from sources saying players have quit on the season and will likely hitting the transfer portal.

Everyone knows that the coach is going to be fired at the end of the season. We'll assume the school doesn't do a mid-season firing and instead does their usual end-of-year evaluation to give the coach and staff their pink slips. In its last handful of games, the head coach decides to unleash the chaos goblin in him and burn up all the redshirts. He does this out of spite against the school and administration, as well as to make life hard on the next coach that will replace him due to said players having their redshirts burned. But he doesn't actually reveal this motive to the public, and says something along the lines of "those guys give the team the best chance to win".

The team limps to a 3-9 season. In the process, the boosters and the school aren't stupid. They know that players' redshirts are getting all burned up, and they suspect the head coach is doing this to sabotage the program. As the lame-duck coach that's about to be fired has a $15 million buyout to get rid of him and all his staff, the boosters tell the administration that they are not wanting to pony up all that money to fire the coach. Instead, they want to see the coach fired with cause, with the cause being sabotaging the program by alleging the redshirts were burned on purpose and had no reason to do so. This would then allow the school to void the buyout and prevent having to pay it otherwise.

To eliminate any other variables in this scenario, let's also assume the coach has a squeaky-clean background. This will prevent the school from finding any other thing to justify a firing with cause.

Naturally, we would see the fired coach sue the school for being fired with cause and want his buyout. A lengthy legal battle would likely ensue. Could the school have a case for firing a coach with cause for intentionally burning redshirts to sabotage a program? How damning would the evidence have to be to produce such an accusation? Or would the whole thing just end in a settlement?

(Also, I am writing this because I want football to start and have nothing better to do. 13 more days...)

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Recruiting 2023 4* ATH Ronan Hanafin commits to Clemson


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Casual Position unit breakdown: All you need to know about the top 12 defensive lines in 2022

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Discussion Which team has done surprisingly well in recruiting so far?


Seems like South Carolina is really picking up steam, and Baylor seems to be doing really well, too.

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Recruiting Western Kentucky QB Jarret Doege enters the transfer portal


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Recruiting 2023 4* LB Stanquan Clark commits to Louisville


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Discussion What is the worst opening weekend game of all time?


Illinois v. Nebraska last year was…something, and I am not feeling like Nebraska v. Northwestern is going to be much better.

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Discussion The Best Divisions According to Preseason FPI


Here is the average conference division strength according to ESPN Football Power Index ratings.

1) SEC West - 14 avg 2) B1G East - 32 avg 3) ACC Atlantic - 36 avg 4) XII - 37 avg 5) SEC East - 41 avg 6) B1G West - 47 avg 7) ACC Coastal - 49 avg 8) PAC12 South - 52 avg 9) PAC12 North - 56 avg 10) AAC - 69 avg 11) Sun Belt East - 88 avg 12) MW Mountain - 91 avg 13) CUSA East - 92 avg 14) CUSA West - 93 avg 15) MW West - 96 avg 16) MAC West - 102 avg 17) Sun Belt West - 102 avg 18) MAC East - 113 avg

The drop off from the B1G East to the rest is not as big as I would have expected it to be. The preseason rankings don’t mean much, as this list would obviously be more accurate at the end of the season, this is only for fun.

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Discussion What is your team’s greatest running play in school history?


So many of CFB’s iconic plays are passes, Hail Marys, etc. what’s the greatest running play that your school has ever had?