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AITA for shaving my baby’s unibrow? Not the A-hole

I have a baby girl who has a very thick unibrow. Of course I think she is beautiful, including her bushy little brow, but I am SO tired of the comments from other people. Literally on a daily basis, people tell me I should dress her up as Frida Kahlo for Halloween, jokingly ask if she has a caterpillar on her face, tell me dad must be really hairy, etc. Nobody seems to notice anything about her except that unibrow. So, I shaved a little separation into her brow. I used a tiny little facial razor that is very gentle on skin and made sure to take care of her skin afterwards. It didn’t cause any sort of irritation or issues and I’ve continued to do it every week or so. My husband finally noticed (I did it initially about a month ago) and demanded to know how I could possibly do something like that to our child. He’s angry with me because: 1) I didn’t run it by him first; 2) I’m going to give her body image issues; and 3) there’s nothing wrong with a unibrow. I told him when she’s old enough to voice her opinions she can tell me what she wants, but until then I’m going to keep shaving it so that people notice more than just her unibrow. He told me to post it on here to “prove” to me that I’m the AH.


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u/Strong_Letter_7667 Partassipant [1] Jul 21 '22

YTA. You just made your sensitivity to comments by dumb ass general public your baby's problem and that's wrong.