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Match Thread: Final - Australia vs India, Day 1


Final, ICC World Test Championship at London

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Innings Score
Australia 149/3 (Ov 41.1)
Batter Runs Balls SR
Steven Smith* 29 67 43.28
Travis Head 43 51 84.31
Bowler Overs Runs Wickets
Shardul Thakur 10.1 45 1
Ravindra Jadeja 2 3 0
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Day 1 - Session 2: India chose to field.

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He a vegan now..

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ American argues with Australian tourists about gun control and tells them not be US citizens because "we don't need you here"

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Soft paywall Reddit to lay off about 5% of its workforce | Reuters

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Self-Promotion I am giving away my disc collection (giveaway)

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✊Protest Freakout Parents in Maryland protest LGBTQ+ material in schools today

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Neglected pup got much needed makeover

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Imagine paying $15 for this shit. I would be pissed!

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article Gen Z is drinking less at concerts

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16 year old teen is imprisoned because of drawing Hitler moustache on Erdoğan's poster

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Should buildapc join the subreddit blackouts?


Hi /r/buildapc – you may have noticed your reddit feed filling up with subreddits announcing their plans to "go dark" on June 12, in response to planned API changes on the platform that could see reddit's third-party apps, accessibility and functionality affected. See here for more information on the blackout.

For the past couple of days, the /r/buildapc-modteam team has been discussing whether the subreddit should join in. After much good-natured back and forth, and even an internal vote, we have decided to open up the decision to the community. We feel that it's not for the moderators alone to define how the subreddit involves itself in site-wide actions like this, and want to hear your thoughts. /r/buildapc is very much a community-driven endeavour, so it feels appropriate that the community should weigh in on our course of action here. So, bearing in mind that the moderators reserve the right to interpret and implement the result as we feel is most appropriate, please do let us know your thoughts below.

How to vote

To vote, simply make a top-level comment containing one of the following responses to the question: "Should /r/buildapc participate in the planned blackout on June 12?"

  • Yes

  • No

  • Abstain

Voting will close 24 hours after the creation of this post.
You must have ≥200 /r/buildapc comment karma in order to vote. All votes will be automatically locked and removed by AutoModerator for tallying.

Any discussion must be submitted as a reply to the stickied mod comment below - please don't make top-level discussion comments as they will not be visible.

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Nostalgia Give me all the woodgrain

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Advice How do I make her understand she’s not allowed on the dining table ?

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UPDATE!! Filled out my 4 year old sons All About Me paper for school, they erased his favorite TV show which is Peppa Pig.

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I’m currently living like my husband does


UPDATE: Holy shit, I was not expecting my post to get so much attention, especially since there are probably dozens of similar posts in here every single day. I stopped reading and responding after a few hours to avoid getting too riled up, but I do appreciate the support.

So here’s how it went.

“Are we eating dinner tonight?” “I don’t know, are you cooking dinner?” “Uhh okay wow” shakes head in disapproval “Well, I figured since you said you do everything around here, I could just chill and you’d take care of it like you always do.”

Then a short back and forth, I didn’t say that, yes you did, etc etc.

He got up, made himself a sandwich, and had dinner at his computer. A little while later I made myself some food and ate in peace in the living room. I finished my dinner, put my plate on the counter and left it there with the rest of the stuff. A couple hours later he came in the bedroom and announced he ran the dishwasher because the dirty dishes stunk (normally I would have run it last night and it was now almost 24 hours later - ewww david). He asked if I was boycotting that, too. “Well, like I said, since you do everything around here, I figured you had it under control.” He left all the non dishwasher stuff on the counter. He said I was brutal, I said yep I sure am. I went about my skincare routine and went to bed a little after him. He leaned over to drink some water and guess what, no water! In the 16 years we’ve lived together, he hasn’t done that particular “chore” ONCE. I told him that shit doesn’t just happen by magic and turned off the light.

I fucking hate being this petty and I don’t really like myself very much right now. I finally opened up to a friend this afternoon; she has been through a divorce and had some good advice. I think my next step is to get an appt with a therapist, get my head on straight and figure out my next next step.

I’m working 9 to 7 tomorrow, I wonder what will be waiting for me when I get home. ———

ORIGINAL POST: Yesterday we had a huge fight about household chores. Yep, another post about one person carrying the household on their back and the other just living their best life but still somehow complaining they have to do everything.

My husband helps with laundry every Saturday and empties the dishwasher AT BEST once a week. That’s it. Last night he got pissed while he was drinking and decided to go clean his toilet and bathroom floor at like 10 at night with the “woe is me I can’t believe I had to do this” atitude and he kept arguing with me from the bathroom. I told him that just because he cleans his pissy bathroom once every three months that doesn’t make him fucking Cinderella.

I feel kind of childish but him saying that he has to do everything around the house got me seeing red. I went to bed without washing the dishes or clearing the kitchen at all. This morning I woke up, got my breakfast, did not touch the dishes. Got my coffee and sat in front of my computer, caught up on my shows and played my games. When I was done eating breakfast, I took my dishes in the kitchen (was feeling generous) and I just put them on the counter and left them there. I’m not going to do those dishes and I’m not cooking dinner. I’m just gonna do what he does every single day, do whatever I feel like doing and then either ask what’s for dinner or just show up to dinner when it’s time. Of course there will be no dinner, but still.

We have sat down and had conversations about this several times. “I bet my father never had to clean the bathroom” is the kind of response I usually get from him.

I thought about making a new account to post this with but then I thought, fuck that, I have nothing to be embarrassed about. I am a grown ass person, and I did nothing wrong.

Except maybe not standing my ground sooner. This is such bullshit.

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White woman who fatally shot Black neighbor through front door arrested on manslaughter and other charges

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And... flunked

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True s🅱️inalist Old but gold

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Official ELI5: Why are subreddits "going dark"?


Communities across reddit are going "dark", also known as going private, due to concerns about reddit's proposed change in relationship to third-party apps.

Wait, if I'm reading this, why isn't Explain Like I'm Five going dark, too?

We share the frustrations of many other communities across reddit regarding the new policy changes and we are also suspending normal operations to draw attention to the same issue. To do this — while also fulfilling our educational mission to users — we are doing two things:

  • Posting this stickied discussion post

  • Starting June 12th - Preventing new posts to the subreddit

ELI5 is, after all, a place to learn. We have decided to focus ELI5 on learning about the controversy — so that users can become informed of this crucial issue and take action or express their opinions. (Private subreddits' public pages have no space to provide detailed explanations.)

Ok now that that's out of the way, what is all this about?

A third party app is just another way you can read and post to reddit. Before reddit had its own app for your phone, there were other apps that let you read, post and comment. These apps use something called the API (ELI5:How does an API Work?). Reddit's API lets your computer or phone get posts and comments without having to use a web browser or the official app.

Apps such as Reddit is Fun, Slide, Comet, Boost, or yes Apollo then take what the API gives them and displays it. Apps like this allow you to customize your reddit experience by changing a theme, or changing how you upvote a post. While those are just two very small examples, you can begin to understand why people like these apps.

Have you ever gotten mad at the reddit app because it had bugs, or it was just weird about how it did something? Right now, and until July 1st, you have the option to try out one of these apps and see if you like reddit better this way. After July 1st, you won't have the option anymore. If reddit's app has a bad bug, and you can't read posts for half a day, you will no longer be able to pull up a second option on your phone, or a third option, or a fourth...

I think you can see where this is going. But here's the thing about it:

Reddit didn't tell all the apps they can't get on reddit anymore, they set a price so high no app can afford it. When one of the biggest apps asked why his price was going to be so high, reddit's official reply was "Figure it out on your own.".

Third Party Apps or TPAs have been on reddit for a decade. Reddit gave them 30 days notice of the introduction of a pricing structure set so high no one can afford it.

Reddit has said that they don't want to shut down apps, but their actions speak much louder than their words. It's hard not to draw the conclusion they want them gone.

That is just not how you treat your friends.

Every app developer has said they will have to shut their app down. And the visually impaired on reddit have said they will close down their subs because the app on iOS doesn't allow them to even see reddit.

Why should I care? I use the official app.

Well for one thing you might care one day, but you won't have that option any longer, because reddit is removing user choice.

People who love reddit so much they seek out another app for it submit a lot of good posts to reddit that you read. What if these good posters all leave the site? What if half of them leave? Are you cool with less content to upvote?

What if reddit does something else like pump tons of ads at you-- way more than now -- and you want to try out one of those apps you saw when you first downloaded the official app. You simply won't be able to anymore.

But even if you still don't care, don't you think user choice is generally a good thing? What will they get rid of next?

Also, NSFW content is in danger, and can no longer be accessed through the API which is going to make it harder to find spammers.

What can I do?

Make a meme and post it. Make tiktoks. Contact the admins. Tweet it. Fill up the front page about it on reddit. Ask others to do the same.

Reddit needs to understand that decisions like this have long term unintended consequences. They can and should make money from third party apps. That is reasonable. But when you go from free for over a decade to a $20 million fee for one year, with 30 days notice, something's not right.

We will be moderating and approving comments on this thread as needed. Please ask any questions you have about this situation or any of your thoughts. Also, u/why_subs_went_dark is an account ran by organizers of this effort, and they may help answer questions as well here.

As always, Rule #1 - Be Civil - is in place here and will be enforced.

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News The Guardian: US urged to reveal UFO evidence after claim that it has intact alien vehicles | UFOs

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TIL in 1998, a preservation group began restoring Ben Franklin’s residence in London. During their rehabilitation work, they discovered a secret, windowless room under his garden containing the remains of 15 people.

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Professional Tours The PGA Tour is dead to me.


If this merger goes through, which it appears it will, I am personally done with the PGA Tour. The unbelievable hypocrisy of the board would be bad enough, but the fact that they are selling out to a foreign entity linked to a government that has funded terrorism around the globe and perpetrated one of the most heinous terrorist attacks in history is unforgivable.

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Well well, look at those consequences to your actions...

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This woman is doing crowd funding to help with legal expenses for something she publicly did, posted online publicly, and was arrested for. She took pictures of a trans woman in a public government building bathroom. She posted it along with a rant about her feelings about them being in the bathroom to twitter. Someone sent her tweet to to the campus police. She was caught, arrested, and her phone was confiscated.This is her villian origin story. Glad justice was swift on this one.

r/WhitePeopleTwitter 14h ago

“Protect the kids” conservatives are now endorsing mass shooting at schools with pride colors

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